Nikken Products Available


I have joined a company called Nikken and I am now one of their Consultants.  They design products for well being and I found them through the Emotion Code.
Would you be interested in attending their event on 20th May in Hove to see some of their amazing magnetic products.  Here is their website so you can have a look at what they offer
Also here is a link to a video of a product being used with a horse as their designs work with animals too.
The Evening Wellness Presentation is at the Cornerstone Centre, Brighton & Hove, Tuesday 20th May 6.30-8pm.  There is also one in Hammersmith on 15th May.
Let me know if you are interested in coming along or anyone you may know.  Or contact me if you wish to purchase any of the products.
Best wishes



Interspecies Communication Workshop

Interspecies Communication with Wynter Worsthorne – 24th & 25th March
West Sussex, UK

This workshop is in support of Ferring Country Centre
Learn to Talk with the Animals!

Wynter leads you in practical and meditative exercises to help still your mind in order to understand the language of the animals. We will be working with the therapy horses and other animals at Ferring Centre, who will help show you how to:

  • Recognise their emotional and physical needs
  • Pick up any physical discomforts or issues
  • Understand behavioural issues
  • Effectively communicate your intentions and needs
  • Communicate with animals over any distance
  • Communicate with animals who have crossed over

Wynter will also be sharing with you the Mysteries of the White Lions of Timbavati, an integral part of her work in Africa with the Global White Lion Protection Trust
For more information and to book, contact:
Maria Douglas on 07810474549 or email

Find out more about Wynter Worsthorne at and